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(2011 Makiko Yoga Calendar)

About Makiko

She has been practicing Yoga since 1996and teaching Yoga since 2004.(RYT 200  @It’s yoga in San francisco)

Before she taught yoga, she was traveling throughEurope dancing and performingcontemporary dance and contact improvisation.

Initially, yoga was simply one way of training.

Now it has become her passionand gives the direction for her life.Based on her experience with  dance,she offers a yoga class which is flowed through and danced.

Traveling to India in 2009 was  a life transformative trip for her.

While staying at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, she encountered anopportunity for learning Reiki Healing.

She got a qualification for Reiki Master in Rishkesh.One years later, she started to take a training course offeredby Lightarian Institute™ (U.S.A) for accelerate spiritual development.Now she is offering Lightarian Reiki™, Lightarian Ray™,Angel Link™  attunements as well as Usui Reiki.


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Makiko Kurata has been my yoga-teacher since the first day she was teaching in the“University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt” where I work as a repetiteur.

I had some different yoga-teachers before but nobody was able to connect body and soulas she did. She created always the right balance between tension and relaxation in a verypleasant atmosphere,corrected everybody individually and gave very clear instructions.
I learned a lot from her,got great inspirations and also my back pain disappeared.
After her yoga-class in the morning, I felt always energized and well-balanced all day long.
I will miss her yoga-class very much and recommend her highly as yoga-teacher.

Britta Elschner (musician, artist)



love for yoga
love for learning new things
love for teaching
presence in the moment
body feeling
these are just few of the things that I learned from you. You helped me to fulfill one of my dreams. Thank you!!
– Emina Stojsic (dancer, yoga teacher)


Distant Reiki Learning course


Sorry for the late response. I am ok lol. No weird experience this time. Just a slight headache so I drank a lot of water.  I’m ready to do lightarian reiki 😍😍😍.  How long do I need for the attunement?  I I think it’s easier for me to ask my husband to leave with my baby. He is super aware and wants to come to me when you do it.  Also thank you for scanning the book. You are so sweet. I feel so grateful we were connected.
I do notice that I am much more sensitive. I can tell you more on our next chat. It seems like I have new glasses and things are clear. I think people have the expectation that reiki master achievement will change their life or something but it’s totally not. It makes your ability to see clearer and is based upon how much work you do to discover your SELF and not to show other people what you can do.  I didn’t expect it to change when I was interested in it. I wanted reiki to help me see myself clear and to use whatever ability I have to help others. And now I can see my raw intentions and other people. Also I see the negative side of my self which is hard to see but now that I don’t have too much emotion, I can drink it slowly and accept it.  Like a nice sake lol ( although I cannot drink alcohol) 😝
It is so interesting to see how many times people will search outside for answers when the whole time we just need a mirror.  Let’s chat soon. I love our conversations and that you don’t think my stories are “hen” lol




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